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Hi! I'm Boris Berdichevski! Sorry, if my English isn't very well...

My homepages were created 07.97. Sorry, but 99 percents of my homepages written Russian only.

I live now in Israel. I work in Tel-Aviv, Check Point Ltd, and I come to my work from Beer-Sheva. This is about 1 hour 40 min by train. But I'm used to this...

I'm from Baku. This is very nice city!

I use Windows-98 Hebrew enabled with cyrillic support. My pages are created without any Page Editor. My pages are created by me without any designer.

I have WEB server in my house and I use Windows XP with Apache.

So. This is all for now... Sorry, but more information available now Russian only.

My resume - actually for year 1999!

My diploma #1

My diploma #2

For Russian readers only, please choose one of these buttons:
Auto Lat Koi-8R Win-1251 DOS (ALT) MAC ISO
Cyrillisation instruction (Windows-95/98/NT only, for Windows XP see documentation)

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